Playing in online casinos is a pastime like any other but like any activity it must be approached in the right way. To do this, there are four golden rules that you should always observe:

    • don’t play more money than you can afford to lose – don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. You should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. You should play with a budget made available specifically for online casino play, which has nothing to do with the money needed for the main needs of the human being: to eat, dress and have a roof under which to sleep. Playing with money that you cannot afford to lose has the effect of influencing the game decisions, which in turn affects the outcome. A negative spiral can thus be established that leads to the result that is most feared or lost.
    • do not divulge private information in online casino chats – do not give information about the identity of people who meet in online casino chats. Privacy is one of the fundamental points of not only online gambling, but it is one of the points on which the entire web should be based. Preserving your privacy and that of other players is essential to avoid the risk of sensitive data coming into the possession of malicious people, who could use it for illegal purposes.
    • do not borrow money – do not ask other players in the online casino for money, whether you are winning or losing. Relying on your own economic strength alone is important when playing in online casinos. This point can be traced back to point 1), since you usually borrow money when you are losing (it is more difficult, and less logical, to borrow money if you are winning, unless you want to bet even bigger. ). In any case, just as you shouldn’t ask anyone for money, you shouldn’t even lend it, because you never know who you meet on the other side of a computer.
  • play just for fun – remember you play online casinos for fun, as a hobby. This point should always be remembered. The game should be fun, a pastime, not a reason for living or the main way to earn a living. Doing so risks that the game takes control of life itself, and when such a thing happens, as with all “vices”, the consequences can be very serious.

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